If you already have a retail business, the 1M+ Ecommerce Blueprint will help you transition into Ecommerce and make your first R1,000,000 online, following a step-by-step process, guaranteeing you success, and allowing you to effortlessly adapt your costs to fit the economic climate while increasing your revenue and profit



But you’ve probably realised that building a profitable and scalable online business is a lot harder than the agencies, freelancers, and internet have led you to believe…
Are you constantly being affected by economic challenges like loadshedding, interest rate hikes, and decreased consumer spending?
Are you looking to transition your business online but aren’t just sure how to get started or what the journey looks like?
Are you tired of paying high rental fees and spending tons of money to keep your shops going?
Are you tired of spending exorbitant amounts of money to open new stores and set them up in order to grow your business?
Are you fed up being burnt by agencies and freelancers who just don’t deliver on their promises, wasting your time, money, and resources?
Are you struggling to keep up with the rapid advancements in technology and marketing strategies and in fear of falling behind?
Are you currently trying to do business online but you’re little to no results and just about to give up with the whole thing entirely?
Are you spending too much money on marketing and have no idea whether it’s working or bringing you the results that you need?
Are you frustrated seeing your competitors succeed online but just have no idea how they’re doing it?

A letter from Richard Horn. Founder of Honeycomb Studio and Consultant to Retailers, Ecommerce Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

You’re tired of grappling with economic challenges such as loadshedding, interest rate hikes, and dwindling consumer spending? Do you yearn to transition your business into the realm of ecommerce, but find yourself uncertain about where to begin or what the journey entails? Are the burdensome costs of high rental fees and the constant need to open new stores draining your resources? It’s time to put an end to your struggles and embrace a solution that guarantees online success.

Introducing our transformative ecommerce transition service—your key to overcoming obstacles and taking your business to new heights. We understand the unique challenges faced by traditional retailers like you, and we have tailored our expertise to guide you through the transition process effortlessly.

Let’s address your concerns one by one. With an online business, the impact of loadshedding becomes a distant memory. While others are left in the dark, you’ll be making sales and operating your business seamlessly, even when the lights go out. The resilience of an ecommerce platform ensures that your revenue stream remains uninterrupted, giving you the competitive edge you deserve.

Moreover, our comprehensive strategies empower you to adjust your pricing, promotions, and strategies to support your consumers during tough times. No longer will you be confined to a limited sales window each month. With our guidance, you can make sales at any time, adapting to the economic climate and providing customers with the convenience they seek.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we have successfully assisted retailers across various sectors, including Fashion, Shoes, Appliances, FMCG goods, Textiles, Luxury Goods, and more, in their transition to ecommerce. With our proven methods, we generate over R50 million in online sales annually for our clients. You will gain access to our time-tested strategies and techniques, ensuring your online success mirrors theirs.

Transitioning to ecommerce presents you with a cost-effective alternative to starting and maintaining a physical store. No longer will you be burdened by the exorbitant costs of physical retail. Instead, you’ll discover the freedom to scale your online store limitlessly, faster, and at a fraction of the cost required to open new brick-and-mortar locations.

Imagine no longer relying solely on foot traffic or traditional, ineffective marketing strategies. Embracing ecommerce grants you the ability to operate on a national scale, exponentially increasing your customer base beyond what you previously thought possible. Our dedicated team of 10+ experts is committed to your success and will work tirelessly to maximize your profitability. Your success is our success, and together we will thrive.

Throughout the journey, you’ll receive expert guidance, training, and invaluable advice on the aspects that truly matter. Our goal is not just to execute on your behalf, but to equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital marketing and ecommerce landscape. Prepare to be astonished by how much you learn and how empowered you feel as you witness your business flourish.

As your ecommerce business begins to soar, you’ll exude motivation and excitement. Your mind will teem with new strategies and tactics to scale your business and acquire new customers. Brace yourself for a level of success that inspires envy, as your competitors scramble to catch up. They may try to replicate your ads and strategies, but with us as your partner, you’ll stay one step ahead, consistently outperforming and leaving them in awe.


Because we’ve been there and done that with people just like you and we know exactly what you need to take your retail business to the next level. So just imagine this…
Your online business doesn’t feel the effects of loadshedding, meaning you can make sales and operate your business online even when the lights go out
You can easily adjust your strategies, pricing, and promotions to support your consumers and enable them to buy even when times are tough allowing you to make sales at any time of the month
We’ve helped retailers who sell Fashion, Shoes, Appliances, FMCG goods, Textiles, Luxury Goods, and more to make the ecommerce transition and be successful online and become more profitable
We generate over R50 million in sales a year online for businesses just like yours and have spent millions on advertising! We know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t and you’ll get access to all of our strategies and techniques so you can enjoy the same success
Transitioning into ecommerce will be cheaper to start up and maintain a physical store
There is no limit to how big you can go! Scaling your online store will be easier cheaper, and faster than having to open new stores
You’ll no longer have to rely on foot traffic or traditional and ineffective marketing strategies to acquire new customers as you’ll be able to operate nationally and increase your customer base to a size that you never thought possible
Our team of 10+ experts is solely focused on making you more money and growing your business. If you don’t win, we don’t win. It’s that simple.
You’ll be guided, trained, and advised on every part of the process only about the things that really matter. After you’ve worked with us for a few months you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve learned about digital marketing and ecommerce.
You’ll be motivated and excited about your new ecommerce business and the value it provides. You’re going to spend a lot of time thinking about new strategies and tactics that you can implement to scale your business and acquire new customers
Your competitors will start to look to your business for inspiration and they’re going to wonder how you’re doing so well online. They will copy your ads and strategies, but with us you’ll also be one step ahead and keep them chasing while you’re dominating


The battled-tested and guaranteed 3-step process take your business from R0 – R1,000,000+ in online sales per year

STEP 1: Build a future-proof R1,000,000+ Ecommerce Platform

Building a website is one thing. Building an Ecommerce machine that supports R1,000,00+ in sales both on the front end and back end, is something else.


Your Ecommerce foundation is one of the most crucial parts on this process, and if not done correctly will lead to failure, frustration, and unnecessary costs.


Our team of expert Web Developers know how to build an Ecommerce platform that converts potential customers into paying clients and also supports your businesses back end processes ensuring your online success.


We also make sure to include industry-leading training and support to make sure you’re ready to take on a new influx of sales and deliver beyond your customers expectations.

STEP 2: Test & Learn with Advertising, Customer Acquisition, and Order Fulfillment

Now you’ve got a platform that’s ready for success, what the next step?

It’s called the Test & Learn phase.

Generating millions in online revenue is not a simple copy and past job that anyone can do.

You need access to specialists in the online advertising space create, test, learn, and eventually take your advertising to a level that is capable of generating millions in revenue per year.

You also need the knowledge and tools on how to make sure you support your new intake of orders and how to ensure your deliver on your promises to your new customers.

Luckily we’ve done this over and over and have a process to find out what works and what doesn’t, saving you valuable time and advertising budget fast-forwarding your business in the R1,000,000+ club and beyond.

STEP 3: Optimise for Growth & Sustainability

After you’ve got a winning formula that will generate you millions online, what’s next?

It’s the optimisation phase which will bring you growth and sustainability.

Generating your first R1,000,000 in sales in one thing, maintaining and growing takes something extra-ordinary.

Once we hit these phase, we shift gears and take on a whole new approach to make sure sales remain stable while increasing profitability.

Not only that, but we’ll make sure that this system continues to deliver revenues while also finding opportunities to grow above and beyond baseline.


A team of web developers who know how to build an online store that can easily generate R1,000,000+ in sales and efficiently handle 500+ daily orders
Helpful & highly functional set of backend tools with hands on training for you and your team to manage your online sales
A dedicated team of advertising specialists that know exactly what it takes to go from R0 - R1,000,000 in the fastest way possilbe
Comprehensive reporting and deep-dive analytics that go further than just your revenue and help you become more profitable so your online store can start to fund itself
A dedicated account manager that will communicate with you more than your family members to ensure you're always in the loop and your long and short term targets are being hit
Access to a team of Ecommerce consultants (responsible for over R50mil in online sales per year) who will help you optimise your online store and offline processes to take you to and beyond R1,000,000 in online sales
Build and optimise your customer database to boost and grow your online sales, increase repeat customers, and make more money while spending less on advertising


You'll get access to this Successful Ecommerce Blueprint that's had a 100% success rate in 2022/2023
You'll get access to our 10+ team members who are 100% dedicated and experienced in taking online stores from R0 - R1,000,000 in less than a year
You'll get access to weekly AMA sessions so you're always in the loop and be part of your Ecommerce Success
You'll get a 1 hour weekly coaching & consultation call (for the next 6 months) from one of our top-tier ecommerce consultants to help you manage & grow your new and successful online business
You'll get access to our teams years of extensive advertising knowledge (over R5,000,000 in ad spend). We know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't to help you avoid mistakes and maximise your results
You'll get access to all our teams knowledge on online consumer spending habits and economic patterns and how we use this knowledge to help our clients thrive all year round in-store and online
You'll save TONS of money by just following our battled-tested game plan and avoiding wasting money on things that don't work and don't bring you results